Sell Your Home Faster With 5 Simple Tips

>>Create Zen-In-Your-Den for Potential Buyers<<

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Simplicity Sells

Cluttered kitchen before and afterRemove all excess clutter from the rooms, hallways and outside the entrance doors.  Potential Buyers feel uncomfortable and cramped when surrounded by an abundance of belongings that are not their own.


 Energize Buyers

mood light

 Natural sunlight gives a feeling of warmth and happiness.  Pull back the      curtains and raise the blinds.  Let the sunshine in.




Mood Balancing

Place Candles and potten plants around the rooms to create balance and nature. (Don't leave candles burning while not at home)  When selecting a plant for the room, choose those that have round leaves to create the feeling of completeness.  Also a simple lavender candle for calmness.




Fresh Air In

 Opening windows for just 20 minutes per day will let fresh air in and will eliminate  odors.




Closets Get Money

If you don't wear it, it's not worth the space.  Take a look in your closets and pull out old clothes and shoes you know you will never wear again or haven't for years.  Give them away to your local charity and get a tax deduction at the same time.







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